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Healthfuse Remediation and Correction

Vendor Non-Compliance Remediation & Correction

Error Resolution and Mitigation of Future Loss

Most of our partners use Healthfuse as a managed services partner overseeing the entirety of revenue cycle vendor management. In other cases, we act as an advisory partner, leveraged for our compliance and best practice auditing and vendor coaching support. We are nimble, letting us determine the best way to support your organization.

Regardless of the extent of support a hospital requests or requires, we recommend hospital leadership spend 1-2 hours with us per month to develop joint strategy, review process and outcome performance, and discuss items requiring remediation and correction to achieve better outcomes.

Our Vendor Management Office (VMO) is the central hub for performance management and accountability of our partner hospitals’ vendors. The VMO tracks each hospital’s vendor activity, evaluating performance and compliance remain within the standards and policies established by each vendor’s service level agreement as well as industry best practice standards.

The VMO reconciles inventories and invoices and identifies errors for correction.

Your sourcing advisor will use this data to initiate remediation plans with your vendors, as well as to help you steer hospital revenue cycle strategy moving forward.

Vendor Analytics Tools Help Identify Areas of Improvement

Our AUTOAUDIT system allows Healthfuse to track 100% of vendor accounts every week. When AUTOAUDIT flags an account for non-compliance, our auditing team immediately begins investigating the cause and work to identify a resolution.

Using the AUTOAUDIT system, Healthfuse ensures all accounts are worked consistently. Early identification of non-compliance to SLAs, best practices, and internal and governmental regulations lets us work with your vendors to resolve the situation quickly.

Problems which may have slipped through the cracks are identified and corrected on a regular basis.

Common errors include:

  • Improper balance adjustments
  • Incorrect patient demography
  • Mismanaged workflow
  • Inadequate account tracking
  • Poorly documented account notes

Your sourcing advisor will work directly with your vendors to identify the best solutions to ensure compliance. These fixes will stem current losses and prevent future issues from arising.

Executive Engagement Ensures Consistent Performance

While your sourcing advisor will be your day-to-day bridge to Healthfuse, our executive leadership team is actively engaged with every hospital partner. Healthfuse’s president and vice president review progress with leadership of each of our partner hospitals quarterly. Our president makes on-site visits to each partner hospital every 6-12 months, while our vice president is on site every 4-6 months.

Our vice president, in conjunction with your sourcing advisor, also reviews performance with each of your vendors every quarter.

This top-down structure ensures consistent performance for each of our partner hospitals. Consistent strategy implementation is why we deliver consistent yield growth returns to our partners.

Contact us for advisement and fully-managed vendor oversight to identify and fix vendor compliance errors.