• "Engaging with Healthfuse increased outsourcer performance"Read More... - Leah Klinke, Director Patient Financial Services, WVU Healthcare
  • "Coaching from Healthfuse has resulted in improved vendor performance"Read More... - Roger Roux, Chief Financial Officer, Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego
  • "They’ve achieved everything they said they would since our partnership began"Read More... - Justin Deibel, Chief Financial Officer, Mercy Medical Center
  • "Three years and Healthfuse is still driving value for us"Read More... - Greg Schaack, Chief Financial Officer, St Joseph’s/Candler Health System
  • "Their service is unique in the industry"Read More... - Ron Hicks, Director Revenue Cycle, Great Plains Health
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Find Out How Healthfuse Will Improve Your Revenue Cycle

Every hospital is different. The one thing most hospitals share is the need to reduce revenue cycle costs and increase vendor performance. If you are a chief financial officer, vice president, director or revenue cycle leader, please give us a few details about your hospital so we can provide detailed examples of how we’ve helped similar hospitals achieve significant economic yield through our revenue cycle vendor management program.

Many variable market factors influence where you are likely to find the most room for vendor improvement, including geography, patient demographics and patient volume.

We have experience working with both small community hospitals as well as large integrated delivery networks (IDNs). Regardless of size, our clients consistently achieve net yield ranging from 1-1.5% of their annual net patient revenues.

Centralized Performance & Compliance Oversight

Healthfuse is not a vendor in the traditional sense. We are a central management hub, providing constant oversight of vendor performance and strategic recommendations for new and existing partnerships. Our proprietary VendorMetrics™ system breaks down the barriers between hospitals and vendors, giving you transparency in all phases of performance and compliance.

We ensure process compliance by auditing 100% of outsourced accounts every week, without exception. Our audit team ensures accounts are worked consistently and in accordance with all regulatory and internal policies. We work with your vendors to correct any errors we find and prevent them from occurring again in the future.

Every partner hospital is serviced by a member of our executive leadership team, a sourcing advisor who will act as your primary contact with Healthfuse, and several analysts and auditors working from within our Vendor Management Office.

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